Why Volunteer?


A want versus a need.  How to balance a checkbook.  Don't you wish that
someone had taught you those things as you were growing up?  Now there
is someone.  YOU.  Volunteers embody the heart of Junior Achievement. 
They bring a message of opportunity and an understanding of what's ahead
in the "real world" for students of all ages.

No matter what your profession, you can carry this message that can
possibly change a child's life forever.  All that's required is your enthusiasm, life experience and a willingness to share your time with students who need help in preparing for the real world.

What's the Commitment?

Your JA commitment could vary from a single school day to one-hour visits each week for 5-10 weeks, depending on the grade level of the program you choose.   You can choose your classroom based on the age level of children that you would enjoy interacting with or the proximity of the school to your home or office.  

Sounds Good. . . What's Next?

For a complete description of JA's programs, visit our Programs page. If you're ready to get more information, contact Larry Colbert at (901) 366-7800 and he will find the right classroom for you and make sure you have everything you need for your class.