Junior Achievement

Northwest Michigan Service Area

We're hiring!

Two positions open:


District Manager

This position manages all aspects of JA of Northwest Michigan market area including fundraising, assures program quality, implements marketing plan and manages Board/Board Committee relations.


·   Assures that area revenue meets the targeted budget goal. Implements contingency plan and achieves make up for any shortfalls.

·   Secures commitments received for each account in geographic/market area. Manages sales strategy to secure new companies for geographic/market area.

·   Maintains strong relationships with and secures commitments from schools and school districts for program placement.

·   Targets and regularly visits with key educational staff such as: superintendents, principals and teachers to cultivate relationships and ensure program placement

·   Ensures recruitment & placement of volunteers from companies and the community in geographic/market area.

·   Ensures quality improvement to increase retention of volunteers and to assure model fidelity.

·   Interacts with Board / Board Committees in area. Provides assistance in identifying leadership for appropriate Board positions.

·   Maintains strong lines of communication between district office and headquarters office in Grand Rapids.

Required: Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience. Sales experience. Strong written/oral communication and interpersonal skills. Computer literacy.


Program Coordinator

To ensure smooth operation of the Junior Achievement educational programs in Northwest Michigan by developing and maintaining positive working relationships with volunteers, businesses, teachers, and school personnel. Responsible for veteran volunteer relations, procurement of new volunteers to fill all scheduled classes, management of volunteer training, and maintenance of relationships with schools and school personnel. Responsible to maintain accurate and complete records in JA database and to assist the District Manager.

Required: Strong oral/written communication skills, presentational skills, salesmanship skills, organizational/planning skills, problem-solving skills, and computer literacy inclusive of the ability to design and run database queries. Bachelor degree or equivalent life experience.

Position is 24 hours a week. With July, Christmas week, Spring Break off (unpaid).

Job Type: Part-time


To apply for either position, please email




PO Box 1928
Traverse City, MI 49686
Phone: 231-922-6330
Fax: 231-922-6552