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JA Our Community® Training Videos

Program Overview

JA Our Community introduces students to the intersection of work readiness and early elementary grades social studies learning objectives, including how citizens benefit from and contribute to a community's success.
Following participation in the program, students will be able to:
  • Describe a community.
  • Identify the variety of careers people have in a community and how each job requires specific skills.
  • Identify how business and government jobs help a community.
  • Explain how taxation supports government services.
  • Recognize voting as a way responsible citizens act.
  • Describe the flow of money in a community's economy.

Program Basics

  • Includes a series of five sessions recommended for students in second grade.
  • The average time for each session is 40 minutes.
  • Materials are packaged in a self-contained kit that includes detailed plans for the volunteer and materials for 30 students.
  • Students develop a sense of career awareness and how all jobs help a community.
  • Session-specific, age-appropriate materials increase student interaction and emphasize JA's experiential approach to learning.  
  • Correlates to state social studies, English, and math standards, as well as to the Common Core State Standards in English language arts and mathematics.

JA Our Community - Session 1

JA Our Community - Session 2

JA Our Community - Session 3

JA Our Community - Session 4

JA Our Community - Session 5

JA Our Community - Session 5 -How Money Moves Video

  • "Junior Achievement has given me a sense of what adults go through with budget issues."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "Junior Achievement reinforced concepts for me to remember later in life."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "I thought the experience was amazing. The presentation was unlike anything I've seen."

    -Junior Achievement Student
  • "I liked how the Junior Achievement volunteer explained his job to us."

    -Junior Achievement Student

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