Volunteer Spotlight

See what some of our previous volunteers said about their experience.

"I was inspired to volunteer when I was part of The Greater Scranton Jaycees. One of our members worked for JA and spoke at one of our meetings about the meaningful examples volunteers can be to students…an actual insight into what life might be like at work and as part of a community." -Employee at Dale Carnegie

"After watching the documentary "Declining by Degrees," I realized, like the filmmaker, that only by changing the way we think about public education could we change the direction it's going. Only though publics mutual interdependence and shared collaboration can we realize our potential to bolster support our of our public schools. The Junior Achievement program offers up knowledge that is not taught in a typical academic curriculum. Teaching students about real world scenarios can ultimately help them understand why they need reading, writing and arithmetic to succeed. This opportunity preps graduates by providing them with the motivation to become more successful at life." -Employee at Sallie Mae

After interning at JANEPA and seeing first-hand the benefits to the children and the passion of the staff, I was inspired to volunteer to teach classes myself. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had throughout my college career and helped to influence my decision to pursue a career with Teach for America after graduation." -University of Scranton student

"Junior Achievement allows students to get the benefits of understanding more of how the world around them works…economics, personal finance, entrepreneurship, global business…at an age when they can incorporate these concepts into their future. I am grateful to have the opportunity to witness the excitement when the light bulbs go off, and the students realize new possibilities for their talents and gifts. Volunteering to present these ideas is personally such a worthwhile endeavor! I appreciate the opportunity to invest in our future. A win/win!!" -Entrepreneur