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Request for Proposal - April 2018

Junior Achievement (JA) of Northern New England seeks proposals from consultants/firms to:
1) Facilitate a strategic planning process to create a three-year strategic plan;
2) Develop and oversee a fundraising strategy for increased foundation and individual funding

Submission Deadline
Friday, May 4th, 2018

Background Information
The mission of Junior Achievement (JA) is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. JA programs build students' self-confidence as they experience curricula in three content areas – entrepreneurship, financial literacy and workforce readiness. When students participate in a JA curriculum, working together to problem-solve in the context of the economy and workforce, they build skills that will positively impact their educational, career, and financial futures. And, when we send economically confident and skilled young people into the workforce, we invigorate our local communities and economy.

Incorporated in Boston in 1945 as a regional JA organization, JA of Northern New England serves students in Central/Eastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Based in Waltham, MA, the organization is governed by a 48-member Board of Directors, has a 10-member Executive Committee and an 11-member staff. Our work is supported by corporations, foundations, and individuals, with an FY2018 operating budget of approximately $1.65M.

In 2016, Radhames Nova assumed the role of President & CEO of JA of Northern New England, and in the same year the organization launched a new program implementation strategy focused on relationship-building and program delivery within a set number of "target" communities in order to heighten the impact of JA on each student's K-12 experience. Approximately two years into this strategy and with FY2018 goals driven by student impact, we plan to embark on a strategic planning process to result in a three-year plan from FY2020 – FY2022. With our learnings over the past two years and the desire to include our stakeholders in setting our strategic direction, this is the opportune time for our organization to engage in a new planning process to set key programmatic and operational priorities.

In addition to seeking a consultant/firm to facilitate this strategic planning process, we also seek a consultant to help develop and implement a fundraising strategy specific to increasing funding from private foundations and individuals. Our organization has developed a strong corporate funding base, but has experienced challenges in fundraising through foundations and individuals. This project would significantly aid our abilities to diversify our revenue sources and maintain financial stability in future years.

Scope of Services

To ensure that JA of Northern New England meets its goal to produce a strong and actionable strategic plan, we seek a consultant/firm to:
- Facilitate JA of Northern New England's strategic planning process;
- Work with a Committee of staff and board members to ensure an effective process, acting as principal liaison to the Committee;
- Develop a work plan, project budget, and timeline (including roles, tasks, deliverables, deadlines, meetings, and decision-making and approval processes).
- Develop methods to gather data from key stakeholders, conduct a key stakeholder analysis (staff, board members, donors, community partners and leaders), and gather their input;
- Conduct meetings with staff and other key stakeholders, identify and prioritize issues, share findings, analyze data, make strategic choices, and review draft documents;
- Coordinate writing and editing of a strategic plan document, strategy documents and communications;
- Assist management to create a system of monitoring, reviewing and adjusting the strategic plan.

To ensure that JA of Northern New England meets its goal to develop and implement a successful fundraising strategy for foundation and individual funding, we seek a consultant/firm to:

- Conduct an audit of JA's fundraising capacity; identify strengths and weaknesses of existing fundraising efforts and infrastructure to determine areas for improvement and development;
- Assess the opportunities and threats external to the organization as well as readiness to implement the fundraising plan to ensure its success;
- Create a "Market Map" that includes:
      - Largest donors in our market regardless of fit, funding focus and who they support
      - Largest donors whose mission fits JA's, who they support and engagement strategy;
- Develop a strategic multi-year fund development plan and implementation strategy, specifically for foundations and individuals, that is reflective and in alignment with the organizations mission/vision/values and capacity;
- Develop a work plan, project budget, timeline, prioritized calendar for implementation, and performance management plan;
- Develop a framework for donor recognition and retention;
- Once the new strategy is set, provide guidance and support at least monthly for 6-12 months.

Interested parties may apply to fulfill one or both objectives of this RFP.


JA of Northern New England invites consultants/firms to prepare a brief proposal outlining your capabilities to undertake the above work. Please provide:
- Cover letter of interest
- Proposal, work plan, timeline and budget for the project(s)
- Bios of the consultant(s) to lead the project(s)
- References of organizations with which you have facilitated similar engagements

Please note:

1) The financial support for these projects is pending, and distribution of this RFP does not guarantee that the projects will move forward as anticipated;
2) The individual or firm would need to be able to conduct in-person meetings in Waltham and/or Boston, MA;
3) Interested parties should only apply if there is no clear conflicts of interest in working with our organization (the consultant/firm does not serve on our Board of Directors, for example).

Interested parties should submit a proposal with budget via email by Friday, May 4th, 2018 to:

Junior Achievement of Northern New England
Radhames Nova, President & CEO

400 Fifth Avenue, Suite 300
Waltham, MA 02451

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