JA Company Program® & JA Company of the Year Competition

Junior Achievement of Northern California's Company of the Year Competition allows high school students participating in the JA Company Program® to demonstrate their business acumen and spirit of entrepreneurship in a competitive environment.

Purpose & process: The aim of the JA Company Program® is to enable students to form their own enterprise and discover first-hand how a company functions. They elect an executive team from amongst their peers, raise capital, and market and finance a product or service of their own choice.

Students learn to: carry out market research, work together to create a business plan, open and use their own company bank account, raise real finance by selling shares, develop their own product or service, market and promote their product or service, manage the company finances, report performance, and compete with other student companies.

Students develop enterprising skills, attitudes and behaviors including: creative thinking and problem solving, communication and presentation skills, confidence and a can-do attitude, teamwork and leadership, negotiation and decision-making, setting goals and time management, risk management, school to work relevance.

2017 JA Company of the Year Competition, Presented By Intuit


On April 26th, seven Bay Area high school student companies presented the results of their business and learning experiences to a panel of judges from HP, Intuit, PG&E, and U.S. Bank.  Judges evaluated company performance against the competition criteria. JA student companies had to not only create an exciting product or service and run a financially sound business, they had to demonstrate an understanding of how and why the company performed as it did, and balance the business achievements of the team with each member's personal development. Judges ultimately looked for evidence of innovation and application of new ideas in all aspects of company operations.

Awards were presented to the JA student companies based on Best Product Demo, Best Commerical, Best Presentation, and Best Executive Summary.

Learn more about the 2017 JA student companies participating in this year's competition:

  • FleeceBay: produced a line of fleece blankets featuring hand cut and tied fringes. View FleeceBay commercial

  • Libertatem: created a company devoted to creating and promoting fashionable, useful, and affordable baseball hats. View Libertatem commercial

  • Level UP1: produced aluminum water bottles with universal appeal and unique design. View Level UP1 commercial

  • PiggyPack: a secondary bag for athletic gear that easily attaches to a school backpack with cords to avoid students having to carry multiple bags throughout the day. View PiggyPack commercial

  • Planet €4rth: created reusable tote bags and drawstring bags for everyday use with minimal harm to the environment. View Planet €4rth commercial

  • PolarPix: a fun, retro style photo booth to capture and share memories and experiences. View PolarPix commercial

  • Sparkz: portable, pocket-ready smartphone chargers compatible with iPhone and Android. View Sparkz commercial