Students from left to right: Joseph Fortuno, Jannatul Rowshan, Crystal Sanchez, Urbana Anam, Rachel Gorgas, Kenneth Huertas

President Obama Welcomes JA Students to the Whitehouse

In November 2015, as part of National Entrepreneurship Month, President Obama issued a proclamation calling for America to "revisit our roots as a country of dreamers and doers" and to "celebrate and support the next generation of American entrepreneurs."

Two top award-winning JA students, Rachel Gorgas and Joseph Fortuno met with President Obama to celebrate entrepreneurism.


  • Rachel Gorgas, from Encinitas, CA, is the CEO of the JA Company of the Year, CCA Today. CCA Today developed a smartphone app that connected their high school campus, giving students information about news and events.
  • Joseph Fortuno, from Hercules, CA, won the JA Microsoft Social Innovation Award as CEO for Herban Movement. The Herban Movement Company published a hybrid cookbook and encyclopedia, with 40% of sales revenue going to The California Autism Foundation and Free the Children.

During their Whitehouse visit, President Obama stated that entrepreneurship is not only key to America's future prosperity, but it is also a critical component of economic development around the world.  For these reasons, President Obama announced that the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit will come to "the birthplace of modern innovation" - Silicon Valley - serving as an opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, educators, government officials, and business leaders to advance inclusive entrepreneurship.