Event Date: Thursday October 10, 2019
Event Location: LaunchNET Kent State/ Library – Kent State University
1125 Risman Dr, Kent, OH 44242
JA Team Member: Alyssa West |  330-705-0940  |  Alyssa.West@ja.org
Parking: Park in the Kent Student Visitor Lot – You will receive a voucher for parking at check in
Arrive at : 11:15AM for Room Set Up

Sales Presentation       Executive Leadership Presentation      Marketing Presentation

Supply Chain Presentation          Technology Presentation     Finance Presentation









# of Students

Andy Malitz


Sequoia Wellness



Library 334





Finance Management

Conference Room 3


Ean Dickerhoof (tentative)



Library 332


Mike Leftwich



Conference Room 1


Danny Kleinhanz


Supply Chain, Purchasing, Design & Manufacturing





Library 333






Tim Wittmer


Mary James


Bryan Joseph


Rohit Voothaluru



Conference Room 2



12:15-12:30      Introductions/Career Overview

  • Have students introduce themselves: Name, Grade & School they are from.
    • Encourage them to use the JA Company business cards provided on their desks to exchange their information with other students in their session.
    • They can use each other as a resource throughout the program.
    • There might be an opportunity for collaboration among their companies
  • Introduce Yourself & Company

This experience is designed to be interactive. Pause frequently during your story and involve the students in conversation. Prompt students to participate by asking open-ended questions and wait before you supply the answers. Use the bellow bullets to help you build your into but it does not have to be a scripted presentation.

  • Explain your career pathway
  • What did you want to be in middle/high school
  • What led you to this career
  • What other jobs did you have
  • What education/certification do you have to do this job
  • Tips/Guidance for landing a job
  • Resume/interview tips
  • Anything unique in this career field students should consider
  • Day to Day task/Job Duties
  • What does your day to day look like
  • Do you work in a team/alone
  • Interesting projects/tasks/examples of your work to share with the students
  • Favorite thing about your job
  • Travel/work hours
  • What skills do you need to fill this position
  • What is one mistake you've seen employees in this position make that had negative consequences
  • Least favorite thing about your job

12:30-1:00       JA Company Department PowerPoint

  • Share Best Practices & Resources for the Tasks Outlined 

  • Help the students understand their individual role and their role in the big picture of their company

  • Use personal stories & tips to emphasizes the points

1:00-1:10         Q & A

  •  Remind students that all the JA Company resources are posted to www.jaonline.org/jacompany

  • If they have JA Company Program specific questions you feel you can not answer please have them write it down on the Pink sheet of paper, students can drop off question papers at the podium during our closing session.

1:10-1:15         Exit Ticket

  • Complete the presenter exit ticket

  • Collect Exit Tickets before students leave to the closing session and place by the presenter computer, a JA Team member will collect them.

At the conclusion of your session

  • Power Down Computer

  • Collect any extra pens/materials left behind. Leave by presenter computer.

  • You do not need to check out and you are welcome to stay for the closing session