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financial literacy centerJA of North Florida has created the JA Financial Literacy Center in New Town, a low-income neighborhood on Jacksonville's Northside, by transforming New Town's Mitchell Community Center into a hands-on learning experience during the school day for third-grade students in Duval County Public Schools.

Superintendent Vitti has placed the JA Financial Literacy Center into the rotation of enrichment programs for students attending Title I schools. ALL third-grade students in Title I schools in Duval County will visit The JA Financial Literacy Center. Approximately 10,000 students annually will spend the day at the JA Financial Literacy Center and receive the JA Our City program, the Economics of Healthy Eating program and a shopping visit to the Jacksonville Farmers Market.
The JA Financial Literacy Center is the first of its type in the country. The Economics of Healthy Eating was developed by the Brooks College of Health at UNF and is also the first healthy eating program with an economic basis being offered in the country.
financial literacy center
JA of North Florida received Bank of America's 2014 Neighborhood Builders Award in the amount of $200,000 to fund the New Town initiative. JA of North Florida also received $146,000 from The Jim Moran Foundation to create and implement the new Economics of Healthy Eating initiative as well as support the Center's programming.

JA Financial Literacy Center Programs

JA Our City® at JA Financial Literacy Center

Junior Achievement's third-grade program, JA Our City, is now a life-sized version of its classroom curriculum. JA Our City teaches students about city planning, skills people need to work in specific careers and how business contributes to the life of the city.
financial literacy center

JA Our City will provide New Town and other Northside students a look at what is outside of the New Town area and will give students from other areas a look at New Town. Zoning and, of course, budgeting/workforce development/entrepreneurship will be part of the program.


Economics of Healthy Eating at JA Financial Literacy Center

The Economics of Healthy Eating, sponsored by The Jim Moran Foundation, combines economics and budgeting with dietary education. After this program, students will be loaded on a bus to the Jacksonville Farmer's Market where they will be given a $5 dollar token to purchase fruit for the fruit salad they learned about and budgeted earlier as part of the Economics of Healthy Eating program. This curriculum was developed by students at the Brooks College of Health at UNF.
financial literacy center

Volunteer at the JA Financial Literacy Center

As a volunteer you will be at the Mitchell Community Center from 9:00 - 1:00 PM on the day you choose. You will teach the "JA Our City" and "Economics of Healthy Eating" curriculum. For more information email Teresa Smith or call (904) 398-9944 ext. 227.

Teachers, are you looking for a great field trip idea?

Bring your Third-grade class to the JA Financial Literacy Center! For more information email Teresa Smith or call (904) 398-9944 ext. 227.

1010 Acorn Street, Jacksonville, FL 32209



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JA Financial Literacy Center Official Launch

financial literacy center
The JA Financial Literacy Center sponsored by Bank of America and the Economics of Healthy Eating program sponsored by the Jim Moran Foundation was officially launched on Friday, April 8 2017. The JA Financial Literacy Center was introduced by Martha Barrett of Bank of America, Councilman Garrett Dennis, and Superintendent Nikolai Vitti.
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JA Financial Literacy Center Pilot Program

Pilot programs were held in Spring 2016. Students from Oak Hill Elementary came to the Mitchell Community Center to pilot the life-size JA Our City program and the Economics of Healthy Eating.


JA Financial Literacy Center Photos

Economics of Healthy Eating program

Jacksonville Farmers Market

Jacksonville Farmers Market

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