Reverse Job Shadow



Traditional job shadows bring students to the workplace. JA's Reverse Job Shadow brings the workplace to students!

JA partners with area middle schools and high schools for Reverse Job Shadow, a half-day experience that introduces students to careers by bringing the real world to their schools.

As a volunteer you are given a table to set up your display: signs, posters, brochures, products – anything you wish to bring. Dress as you would for a work day – don't hold back! Students visit each station on a rotational basis, asking questions and learning about the different types of careers presented.



Learning Objectives

Students will become more work-ready by learning about the career opportunities available to them in the local area. Students will learn about the education and training needed to qualify for vocations within the various career fields. Students will learn how the educational concepts they are learning each day can be practically applied to the world of work.

This is a great opportunity to provide local business partners with a chance to give back to the community and invest in possible future employees. This is also a great time to practice presentation, organizational, and teamwork skills.



How to Get Involved

Whether you want to bring this unique experience to students at your school, or you're a business owner or represent a company who would like to participate, contact us today!



Request Reverse Job Shadow at your School




Tiffany Mackey, 904-398-9944 ext.230;



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Sebastian Middle School / April 2017

Sandalwood High School / March 2017

Mandarin Middle School / March 2017

Southside Middle School / December 2016

JA Boy$ at Young Men's Leadership Academy / June 2016

Jeff Davis Middle School / June 2016

Sandalwood High School / March 2016

JA Girl$ at PACE Center for Girls / January 2016

Biscayne High School / January 15, 2016