Educator Opportunities

Please call the JA office at (419) 865-5511 for information on incorporating the JA program in your school.

What is the time commitment for a teacher to have JA in the classroom?
Elementary School requires five 30 to 40 minute classroom presentations. Middle School requires six 45 to 60 minute classroom presentations. High School requires seven 60 minute presentations

Our classroom volunteers come prepared with our JA curriculum which includes hand-outs and wall posters.

How are teachers able to help the JA volunteer?
We ask our teachers to remain in the classroom to offer support and welcome their input and enthusiasm.

Where can teachers get more information about JA curriculum?
Please call Junior Achievement at (419) 865-5511. For specific information on grade levels programs, please refer to the Programs section on our national web site.

Do JA programs help with Ohio testing?
YES! Our curriculum correlates with state proficiency tests. For detailed information, please see the Correlations section, within the Programs section, of our national web site.

Can teachers have a say in who their volunteer is?
Yes, by helping to identify a potential volunteer. In addition to local business people, you may also find that a parent or grandparent is a willing volunteer.

How can a teacher arrange for JA in their classroom?
Please contact Jim Pollock at or at (419) 865-5511