JA Business Challenge

November 2019
The University of Toledo
Stranahan North Building

                 Hosted by:

What is the Junior Achievement Business Challenge?
The Junior Achievement Business Challenge is a strategy tournament using the JA Titan program an online, interactive business program. The competition is uniquely designed to unleash student creativity, test leadership skills and demonstrate the competitive nature of the free enterprise system.

Who are the competitors?
Teams of three students from area high schools will form companies. Each student company will be paired with a volunteer consultant from a local business. There is no cost to the students or their high schools to participate.

The Competition:
Student companies strategize to operate successfully and perform the duties of a management team. Students are taught in an entertaining and engaging way about the nuances of running a global business. JA Titan allows students to manage and operate their own virtual business. The success or failure of the company depends on how well the students manage key decisions. Students must make real economic decisions on price, production, marketing, capital investment and research and development. Each round of the competition simulates a business quarter in which the students make decisions which result in a performance index (PI), which measures: retained earnings, supply and demand, productivity, market share and growth. The teams with the highest PI win!

Why is the Business Challenge a unique opportunity for students?
During the competition students will:

  • Learn and apply how business decisions are made.
  • Experience the competitive nature of the free enterprise system.
  • Be introduced to industry reports, balance sheets, profit and loss statements and market conditions.
  • Interact and learn from business leaders with various areas of expertise.
  • Practice communication, teamwork, decision-making and leadership skills

The Reward:
The top ranking teams will win over $30,000 in Junior Achievement Scholarships!


Congratulations to the 2017 JA Business Challenge Winners, Sylvania Southview!


For more information or to register for the Business Challenge, contact:

Jim Pollock at (419)865-5511 #204 or jim.pollock@ja.org