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AIG and JA New York: Building a Foundation for the Future

Organizations that are built on volunteer-led programs, such as Junior Achievement of New York (JA New York), thrive in part due to private sector companies that prioritize and encourage a culture of philanthropy. From volunteers to fundraising, in-kind donations to annual grants, businesses of all sizes have a lot to offer non-profit organizations when they put corporate social responsibility at the forefront of their company culture.

JA New York works closely with partner companies to implement programs that help students build a solid foundation of financial literacy, entrepreneurship and work readiness skills – empowering them to make the most of their opportunities in life. One company that JA New York works closely with each year is AIG.  

Since 2013, AIG has provided funding to support Junior Achievement programs globally, serving schools in 24 locations including New York, Texas, Illinois, California, Ireland, Indonesia, South Africa, and many more. As part of the partnership, AIG employees are filling up classrooms with volunteers in addition to supporting various special events from Bowl-A-Thons to annual Galas.

In New York City during the 2017-2018 school year, financial support from AIG helped to deliver JA programs in over 130 classes at 17 schools across the metro area. That means over 3,000 students received direct, hands-on programming specially designed to inspire, empower, and prepare them for their futures.

Earlier this year, AIG volunteers delivered a hands-on curriculum to middle school students from School 5 in Yonkers, NY. They helped students build a foundation for making intelligent, lifelong personal financial decisions through an experiential simulation with budgets, salaries, and various family scenarios. AIG volunteers also spent a day in the classroom introducing financial literacy to kindergarten students at PS 86 in the Bronx. This program uses fun activities that teach them about the choices adults make to meet their needs and wants.

In addition to providing volunteers, AIG employees in New York have raised funds to support JA programs. In this year’s Bowl-A-Thon, AIG raised over $55,000 – enough to recruit, train, and place a volunteer in a classroom; pay for the materials needed; and fund the cost of measuring impact for 55 classes. By introducing fundraising events as well as volunteer opportunities to employees, AIG has created an environment that encourages strong participation and support for JA New York.

John Gambale, JA New York Board Member and President of New York Zone at AIG, said, “We value programming that teaches young people how to make investments and take opportunities to improve their lives, such as saving for college or starting a business.” As a global insurance institution with a focus on philanthropy and empowering young people, AIG is a natural partner of Junior Achievement.

JA New York is especially thankful to AIG for providing the resources necessary to help our young people grow up to be successful adults, and we look forward to seeing the incredible impact this partnership has on our students.

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