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Q&A with 2018 TCS NYC Marathon Runner, Sean Hall

Runners from across the pond have joined Team JA New York! Sean Hall, 31, will be traveling from London for the 2018 TCS NYC Marathon. Check out Sean's running motivation, favorite post-run snack, and the importance of good running shoes.

Q: How many other marathons have you run?   
A: This is my first one and I’m so excited. I’m from London so I even upgraded my plane ticket over, so I can enjoy the whole experience. 
Q: How did you get involved with JA New York?  
A: A friend of a friend works for this wonderful charity and as soon as I heard about them, I couldn’t wait to sign up. 
Q: Why did you decide to run the 2018 TCS NYC Marathon?
A: I have never run a marathon before, but I have always had huge respect for anyone who completes one. Coming from the UK, it’s also extra exciting to be running it in another city. It’s also great motivation to train and live a healthy lifestyle.   
Q: Who/what is your biggest motivation to train?
A: I’ll be running the marathon with my best friend Michael who will not let me forget about it if he beats me. Each run that I go on, I think about losing to him, which spurs me on! 
Q: How do you measure success as a runner?
A: You set a personal goal and then you go out there and try to achieve that. There will always be someone faster, better or stronger than you, but you need to set your own targets and then try to smash them. I’ve set a target of running the Marathon in under 4 hours so each training session I run that little bit harder and little bit faster. 
Q: What is the best running/training lesson you’ve learned?
A: Running in the correct pair of trainers. I always had aches and pains when I ran in my old trainers until I bought a proper running pair. Now it’s like running on a cloud and just have to work on my fitness!
Q: What is the most challenging part of marathon training?
A: Finding the energy to go to the gym or get out there on the roads. It’s so easy to skip a run, but you’re only cheating yourself. It’s a mental challenge. Knowing you have to run a 14k or a 16k today is daunting, but you just have to do it. Not every run will be your best run, but it all counts. 
Q: What are your favorite pre- and post-run meals?
A: My favorite post meal is a peanut butter protein shake! It’s not really a meal and I shouldn’t be allowed to have one a lot but it’s so nice after a run!
Q: What are some songs on your favorite running playlist?
A: I haven’t found my perfect running playlist yet. I’m in desperate need of suggestions!!
(JA New York recommends checking out fellow runner Max's playlist here!)
Click here to support Sean's campaign for Junior Achievement of New York!
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