JA University

Many students are in need of guidance to help them navigate the path to higher education and training. JA University is a locally developed program to help demystify the process for NYC and Long Island middle and high school students. Volunteers work with students in small groups through a 2.5-hour workshop on college exploration, budgeting and decision-making, and building a personalized college action plan.

Volunteers supplement this program with their own college experiences and insights, and inspire students to continue their own education. Students walk away with practical advice they can apply immediately.
JA University can be delivered in school, at a company or on a college campus. 
Pillars of Student Success Entrepreneurship:  Financial-Literacy:  Work-Readiness: 
Program Implementation Program Grade-Level
Classroom-Based High School
Program Concepts Program Skills
Career and college planning, Career and college preparation, College readiness, Critical thinking, Education and training, Employer expectations, Interests, Post-secondary options, Problem-solving techniques, Short-, middle-, and long-term goals, Working priorities, Workplace skills Active-listening, Analyzing information, Brainstorming, Creative thinking, Critical thinking, Decision making, Interpreting information, Money management, Oral and written communication, Organizing Information, Problem solving, Self-assessment.

Program Sessions

Session 1

After an icebreaker, students discuss basic college terms and explore various options for continuing education, using case studies.

Session 2

Students practice making financial decisions by completing a budget for a month in the life of a college student.

Session 3

Students create a personal college readiness action plan and map out each year of high school.