What do local businesses, schools, and community leaders have to say about Junior Achievement of Oklahoma?


Alan Armstrong, President and CEO, Williams

"We at Williams know that our investment in Junior Achievement is helping to prepare young people to make smart choices about their future. Our employees are really proud of their roles as volunteers, delivering the JA curriculum and helping students make the connection between school and real life."


Wayne C. Chang, President, SandRidge Midstream, Inc., and JA Volunteer

"I wanted to serve and bless others, but feel the blessings were directed to me after I had the privilege to spend time with a great teacher and enthusiastic students.  The reward was great and I look forward to spending more time with the staff and students.  The future is bright at Edwards Elementary"


Larry Mocha, President, APSCO

"Junior Achievement creates an arena for adults and young people to begin a dialogue about their future.  I've seen this communication covering topics such as entrepreneurship, finance, small business and leadership.  The success of our future rests on the shoulders of our youth.  Thanks to Junior Achievement for helping them be better prepared!"


John R. Koons, Community Relations Coordinator, OGE Energy Corp, and JA Volunteer

I started out my JA Economics for Success class today asking students if they had learned anything in the last 6 weeks.  Among the responses were, you should always pay with cash and not credit cards, the more education you have the better jobs you can get,  how to budget, you need to save money for unexpected things, and don't drop out! 


Letter from Tulsa Area Superintendents