JA's Investor Challenge is an exciting and educational "hands-on" introduction to the stock market. High school student teams are given the chance to experience the excitement of buying and selling stock shares on a live trading floor at one of four sessions.

The event is free to student teams and is so popular that we have expanded to serve over 1,100 high school students this year!



Additional Details

Junior Achievement's Investor Challenge (JAIC) is an innovative educational program designed to teach high school students the principles of investing and trading stock. It provides a unique opportunity for students to experience investing first hand during this exciting and educational "hands-on" introduction to the stock market.  Four-member-student teams immerse themselves in the stock market through a highly sophisticated computer simulation and discover the political, economical, and environmental issues that impact the rise & fall of stock prices.

Teams are given $500,000 in simulated money to purchase mock shares from a variety of fictitious companies. Using a high-speed computer software program designed specifically for the JAIC, stock prices are randomly generated and projected to participants. This program simulates a sixty-day trading period in less than two hours. The surroundings and atmosphere itself are designed to emulate the feel of an actual stock trading floor, similar to the New York Stock Exchange. Some examples of creating a realistic environment include: floor traders equipped with iPads capable of instantaneously trading shares, video projection screens reporting real-time prices and team standings, and an atmosphere encouraging students to learn team work and decision making skills that will be beneficial in their future.

Prior to the Junior Achievement Investor Challenge competition, students are instructed by their teachers about both low and high risk investment options.  When the students arrive to participate, they understand they are participating in a high-risk investment option.


Local Information

For local information, to register, select stock picks, etc. click the following link for the JA Investor Challenge closest to you.

Oklahoma City Investor Challenge

Tulsa Investor Challenge