Law Day Job Shadow

Friday, May 1, 2015

Tulsa County Court House

Carolyn Wall's Courtroom

500 S. Denver, Tulsa, OK 74103


Law Day will be observed by encouraging and supporting high school students who are interested in pursuing a law career.  Judge Wall extended this day of learning to Junior Achievement who then connected approximately 15 students from Union High School.  Some of the students are members of the Business Professionals of American Club.  Some students are graduating in a few weeks and are enrolled in universities to continue their interests in the law.  The hallmark of JA Job Shadow® is a visit for students to a professional work environment.  By meeting with Judge Wall these students will gain insights about professionalism and ethics in the legal workplace, as well as, the research and the preparation necessary for a successful career in law.


For more information, contact Belynda Clanton, VP of Programs, at 918-663-2159 or


Photo courtesy of Tulsa County