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Your Exhibitor Kit

Thank you for choosing to exhibit at Inspire. Because of you, there will be students who go home wanting to do what you do and work where you work.

Every exhibit is different. This kit contains important links to the 3rd party vendors providing utilities, furniture, and display services you may need. It also contains event details, such as load in and load out times and tips for your exhibit team.  

This kit will take you anywhere from 15- minutes to an hour to review and complete, depending on the services you need.

Exhibit Equipment: Your exhibit fee includes one plain 6' long table for 10x10 or two plain 6' long tables for 10x20 or larger. Tables are covered in a very basic white plastic. You will also have two chairs, three-foot tall side curtains between spaces, one 10-amp electric drop suitable for normal duty electric items like computers and screens, and WiFi. There is carpeting on the floor.

We encourage everyone to bring branded décor such as standing signs or feather flags, pop-ups, etc. You may want brand-friendly table coverings as an alternative to the white plastic. Table skirting is unnecessary and discouraged so please don't order it from FERN.

There will be an open floor plan with line of sight across the entire floor so tall signage will help your brand stand out. Our career sectors are color coded to help students navigate the floor. Colors: Advanced Manufacturing=purple, Construction=yellow, Health and bioscience=red, Tech and Community=Green         

Ordering additional furnishings: If you need more tables than supplied, tables of a different size or other décor, you have two choices; you may bring your own or order them for a charge from our outfitter, FERN who will deliver them in advance. This year FERN has an online order portal and they will be emailing you directly to give you access to that.  Look for an email from: exhibitorservices@fernexpo.com and be sure to open it. If you have questions after reviewing the portal, you may call FERN at 513-562-0455. 

Ordering utilities:  One 10-amp electric drop and standard Wi-Fi is included in your fee.  If your exhibit needs additional electric service, compressed air, dedicated internet or other utilities, they are available for a fee from the Convention Center's exclusive vendor using the order forms below. Be sure to order by the deadline to avoid vastly higher prices. For questions, please call the Convention Center at 859.261.1500.

Pro-Tips: Plan to bring your own extension cords and connections. Duct Tape is not permitted on Convention Center surfaces. You will need gaffers tape to secure cords and anchor signs. Gaffers tape is available in store or online at places like Home Depot..

Link to Utilities- discount pricing deadline Feb 24

Ordering audio/visual equipment: If you are using video screens, or other AV, you may choose the convenience of ordering items to be delivered by the Convention Center's exclusive provider MAC Productions using the forms below. If you need AV supplies not on the list, please call 859.655.3080. 

AV Orders- Discount pricing deadline Feb 24

Vehicles:  If you have a vehicle in your exhibit or you will use a vehicle to tow equipment onto the floor, I should already have your vehicle registration form. Please give your driver the safety requirements at least a few days in advance. You may download the form to revisit the safety requirements.  If you don't have your vehicle registered yet, contact me to discuss and we'll see what we can do. Laura.randall@ja.org.

Vehicle form (should already be submitted)

Registering your exhibit team: This year everyone entering the exhibit floor will need credentials. You will need to register your team members in advance using the link below. Credentials can be picked up at the registration desk and worn throughout the show. Try to submit your entire team at the same time. The registration deadline is March 3. We encourage exhibitors to invite key members of their organizations to stop by for a visit. Please include those names when you register to make their credentialing go smoothly.

Exhibit team registration form DUE BY March 3

Food and drink: In order to reduce single use plastic waste, we ask exhibitors to bring water bottles to refill from our coolers. Coffee and other beverages are available for sale at the coffee shop located inside the convention center.

The convention center has an exclusive caterer and prohibits outside food, therefor we are not permitted to bring in a donated lunch this year. We have arranged for you to purchase box lunches from the caterer. Deli and veggie options are available. For $15.00. Lunches must be ordered and paid for in advance using the link below. There will be a lounge area where you can pick up your orders.

Box lunch order form DUE by Feb 19

Load-in Instructions March 9th 

We encourage all exhibitors to set up the day before. For extra-large items, a forklift may be arranged and scheduled in advance through the convention center. Vehicles for display or used to deliver heavy equipment will load in first and are subject to a safety inspection. To facilitate the placement, vehicles in the Health and Manufacturing sectors should arrive at 12:30. Vehicles in Construction and Tech/Community should arrive at 1:00. The loading dock is on RiverCenter Blvd at the west rear of the building. A volunteer will be at the dock to direct vehicles to their spaces.

All other loading begins at 1:30pm from the same loading dock area. You may arrive at your convenience after 1:30 but set up must be complete by 5:00pm when the building closes. Please be courteous and park at the dock only long enough to unload before moving your car to the parking lot or garage across the street. If a line forms at the dock, please cue up along RiverCenter Blvd. facing west to east. A limited number of loading carts will be available so thank you for returning all carts to the dock immediately after unloading your materials.

If you don't need the dock, you can carry your materials into the hall. Check with an Inspire volunteer at the dock if you need help finding your exhibit space.

All exhibits must be removed after the show closes on March 11. The loading dock will open when the students leave at 2:30 and will close at 5:00. We will hold vehicles in place until such time as safety personnel determine the floor is safe for traffic.

Security: The hall is locked overnight and security guards patrol the building. The convention center assures me items are secure in the hall overnight.

Inclement Weather:  Inspire will proceed if there is light to moderate weather. If there is heavy snow causing a large number of schools to close the entire day, it will be necessary to cancel that day's events. Cancelation decisions will be made by 7:00 AM. Watch for the announcement on Channel 5, WLWT.

What to bring: The point of Inspire is to make impressions, therefore we encourage work specific clothing, equipment, and signs the students can hold for selfies and group pictures. We discourage giveaways. If you want student to have something to take home, we recommend a pencil, notebook or school item, or better yet, a flyer with information about entry level opportunities at your organization and programs you participate in specifically for students. I have a link to an example that you can use as a template, or you can use it for inspiration to create your own "Next Steps" take away.

Engaging Students: Some student may be shy. Please work to engage them. They will be interested in knowing what you like about your career and your pathway to getting the job you have.  Feel free to volunteer your story. We offered a classroom curriculum to prepare students for Inspire. Students who participated did reflections on their interests and skills, were introduced to the career sectors highlighted in the expo, and they prepared questions for you. Ask them what questions they have or what surprising fact they learned about your career sector. You might even ask if they prepared an elevator pitch to deliver to you.

Printable Instructions For Your Exhibit Team