JA Inspire Dayton | Junior Achievement of OKI Partners


What is Inspire?

JA Inspire is a Junior Achievement program designed to get high school students excited about their futures by exploring career opportunities in high growth industries. Local high schools will bring over 1,000 tenth and ninth graders to an interactive career expo featuring more than 50 area employers. The students will try their hands at some of the region's most in-demand jobs. They will also meet professionals and skilled tradespeople who can explain what's great about their careers and what it takes to become qualified. Inspire includes a curriculum for the classroom that provides a fun and dynamic introduction to career exploration, highlighting the exhibiting companies. After the event, students will create career road maps, identifying the high school classes and post-graduation plans needed to reach their goals.


Sixty-seven percent of employers report challenges finding qualified workers for key roles. If you are one of them, what would you tell a 15-year-old about why a career in your industry deserves their attention? Inspire builds a relationship-based pipeline between young people and companies that will need talent when the students complete their education.

How to get involved

Partner with us

JA Inspire is made possible due to support from corporate and community organizations that believe in the importance of inspiring young people to own their economic success. Sponsors will benefit from association with this important mission through recognition in our advance promotional materials and signage throughout the event. Sponsors that wish to exhibit as employers
will have prime visibility at the expo.
Several sponsorship levels will be available ranging from $1,200 to $5,000.

Exhibit at our event

We are looking for at least 30 employers excited to bring an interactive example of their work to our expo and engage with their future workforce. Exhibitors will have access to 1,200 Dayton Public School students who are actively planning their futures. Exhibitor fees can be found by clicking on the registration button below. Special pricing will be available for small companies
and nonprofit organizations.



Research shows students who feel connected to career goals are more likely to be motivated in the classroom and graduate. Ninth graders can use their Inspire experience to choose relevant electives and hone the academic skills critical for success in their chosen field. Students will also have the information they need to begin planning with their families for the specific post-high school education and work experience employers will require. 

Let Students see themselves in today's hot careers!

JA Inspire is more than a career fair. It brings together the business community and local schools to help launch middle school students into their futures; high school, college, and careers beyond. 

3 Components of the Inspire program

  • JA's career exploration curriculum available to the schools to be presented by the classroom teacher in advance of the expo.
  • Inspire expo event, a 90-minute interactive and hands-on exploration of our region's hot jobs.
  • Post-event career pathway planning available to be completed in the classroom after the event.
WHO: 9th-grade students 
DAYS: March 10, 2020
TIME: 90-minute intervals starting 8:30 am till 2:00 pm
LOCATION:  Sinclair Conference Center

Student Outcomes

  • Recognize career clusters and potential job positions.
  • Understand the importance of researching the requirements needed to earn a position.
  • Implement job-hunting tools, such as networking, resumes and interviewing skills.
  • Identify the next steps needed for success in their academic and career preparation and acknowledge the importance of decisions made in high school to be better prepared for a successful career path.
  • Communicate and interact with industry professionals.
  • Have a better understanding of their career interests, skills, and work priorities.