JA Titan (Blended)®

JA Titan (Blended)®
JA Titan Blended Model is a simulation-based program in which high school students compete as business CEOs in the phone industry, experiencing firsthand how an organization evaluates alternatives, makes decisions, analyzes the outcomes of those decisions, and then strategizes what to do next. With a focus on financial literacy and insights into the workforce, JA Titan brings business economics to life. As students work in teams, or on their own, to make financial decisions about production, marketing, research and development (R&D), and corporate social responsibility (CSR), they begin to see how every choice made in an organization relates to its future success.
Program Highlights
• Part of the JA Financial Literacy Pathway and can be placed in Grades 9–12.
• Blended model comprises 11 sessions that include tutorial sessions, game-play strategy sessions, a competition session, and deep dive sessions. Participants complete a minimum of 5 sessions, in any order.
• An optional event or in-class competition may be included.
• An online simulation is the focus of the program. Participating classes must provide technology that meets the minimum tech specs.
• Session pacing is flexible to meet a range of students' previous business knowledge and readiness skills. Pacing guides are provided to assist with planning.
• The primary program delivery model is remote or face-to-face teacher delivery. Self-guided materials are also available for students to complete the program completely independently.
• Teachers and volunteers can alternate back-and-forth between different face-to-face, remote, and self-guided delivery models.
Pillars of Student Success Entrepreneurship:  Financial-Literacy:  Work-Readiness: 
Program Implementation Program Grade-Level
Blended High School
Program Concepts Program Skills

Program Sessions

Tutorial: Getting Ready for Business

Students are guided through an interactive tour of the JA Titan simulation. They learn about the program's goals and key terms used in the simulation, and how to play JA Titan.

Competition Prep: Freestyle Exploration

This session is for students who are ready to jump straight into playing the JA Titan simulation. There is no teacher or volunteer-led guidance or focus on a business concept. Instead, students learn solely by playing, using the Student Quick Start Guide and Student Activity Sheet.

Competition Prep: How to Play JA Titan

This session guides students through the JA Titan simulation and focuses on the foundational key terms and concepts for the simulation: budget, cash-on hand, chief executive officer, expenses, income statement, and price versus production.

Competition Prep: Exploring Production

This session explores the JA Titan Production department and the relevant simulation screens, features, and business decisions. In this session, students learn about the interconnected aspects of profit, price, cost, and production.

Competition Prep: Examining R&D and Marketing

This session explores 2 JA Titan company departments: Research & Development (R&D) and Marketing. In this session, students learn how selecting product features is interconnected with marketing and advertising and with a company's efforts to improve market share and growth.

Competition Prep: Considering Economic Factors

This session examines external economic factors that can affect the performance of a company, an industry, or an entire economy. Students explore the factors that impact businesses in the JA Titan simulation and in real life to prepare for alternative scenarios available in the simulation.

Competition Prep: Presenting the JA Titan of Business Competition

This session is what the entire JA Titan program is about—competing for the title of JA Titan of Business! Students have an opportunity to put all of their new, combined business knowledge and skills into practice as they compete to win.

Deep Dive: Research & Development

This deep dive session takes a close-up look at a vital department found in many companies: the research and development department (often referred to as R&D). Students explore advantages and disadvantages of investing in R&D through classroom-based activities. They also explore R&D strategies, culminating in their own smartphone innovation idea and prototype.

Deep Dive: Marketing

This deep dive session takes a close-up look at an important department that is found in many companies: the marketing department. Students explore the Four Ps of Marketing (product, place, price, and promotion) through classroom-based activities, eventually culminating in the students drafting a marketing plan of their own.

Deep Dive: Corporate Social Responsibility

This deep dive session takes a close-up look at corporate social responsibility (commonly referred to as CSR). Operating a community business that focuses on CSR has benefits and costs. In this session, students use a case study to explore how investing in CSR and being a good corporate citizen can impact a business and its many stakeholders.

Deep Dive: Daily Business Operations Speaker Session

In this session, a volunteer guest speaker will share personal and professional experiences related to his/her company, job duties, and business decisions to give students a sense of business concepts in the real world.