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Mayor's Council to Bring "Our City" to JA Students



May 1, 2017


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Mayor's Council to Bring "Our City" to JA Students

Cincinnati, OH—On Tuesday, May 2, all three Norwood elementary schools will participate in the inaugural "Our City Day," an all-new program from Junior Achievement that focuses on how certain businesses, careers, entrepreneurs and skill sets come together to build – and maintain – a thriving city.

Along with community volunteers, this first annual Our City Day will be led by local fire and police department employees. Third-grade students from Sharpsburg, Williams Avenue, and Norwood View elementary schools will work together to build a new city from the ground up, right in their own classrooms.

"We wanted to bring more JA programs to Norwood, and this was a new concept we started talking about last summer with the Mayor and the superintendent," says Kym McGee, Vice President of Programs for Junior Achievement of OKI Partners. "Third-graders will plan city zones, learn about banks and money, even come up with a media campaign … it's a full immersion in understanding how a city grows, runs and stays economically successful."

Our City Day is an event, packed with activities, games and a formal graduation ceremony for each student:

  • Building a City: a place where people live, work and play – includes zoning, civic planning, roles of builders, how they are all connected
  • Paying for Needs: a place where people spend money – understanding the importance of money, different ways to pay for goods and services
  • Piggy Bank: a place where people bank – from simple transactions to in-depth savings game, why banks are important to a city
  • Dining Out: a place where people dine – roles of entrepreneurs and restaurant owners/operators, how businesses promote a healthy economy
  • Media: a place where people communicate – the importance of news media and media campaigns, how they affect the financial well-being of a city

Junior Achievement, a long-standing leader in bringing real-world scenarios to kids from elementary age through high school, is launching this program in Norwood specifically at the elementary school level but hopes to grow the annual event to other local school districts.

"I know this new ‘Day' is going to take off," says McGee. "Next year, we're hoping additional school districts and their local officials will see our success in Norwood, and be excited about bringing it to their own students."

JA has also added another program to the Norwood curriculum, this time for its middle schools – the Economics for Success Program helps eighth-grade students learn to navigate the complex financial world we live in. Currently, it's scheduled to take place at Norwood Middle School on May 15, hosted by community volunteers and experts in their fields, including bankers, business owners, entrepreneurs and more.


ABOUT JA OF OKI: Junior Achievement itself has been a part of the Tristate area for decades. In fact, the JA chapter of Greater Cincinnati was the first in the nation to implement the now-standard, wide-reaching in-school program that incorporates financial literacy, career-readiness, and entrepreneurship into the 8th-grade curriculum. Sixty-six years later, JA of Greater Cincinnati now encompasses nearly 300 schools and more than 46,000 students. For more, visit 


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