Planning Your Exhibit 2020 | Junior Achievement of OKI Partners

Planning Your Exhibit and Selecting your Exhibit Size

While the Inspire Career Expo is still about two months away, now is the time we need to collect important information from your company in order to have the exhibit floor ready for your arrival and include your information in our printed student guide. The guide goes to the printer the first of February. 

Planning your Exhibit

The first link will take you to our visual guide for planning your exhibit. It contains pictures of popular exhibits from the past and tips for planning an engaging activity or display. If you don't already have branded signage, on-line vendors like provide fast and affordable flags, banners and signs.

As you plan your exhibit, consider what size booth you will need. You have your choice of 10x10 or 10x20. We encourage larger spaces that allow you to invite student into your space to see your exhibit rather than talking to students across a table.

Consider how many tables you will need, where you will place them, and where you will need electric outlets. Your exhibit fee includes (1) table/(2) chairs for 10x10 and (2) tables/(2) chairs for 10-x20, plus one 10-amp electric drop and wifi for each exhibit. If you need additional furniture, power, video screens and other d├ęcor, there will be an opportunity to order at your own cost from the 3rd party exhibit outfitters. You are also welcome to bring your own items at no additional cost.

Information about placing orders for furnishings and power will be coming out in late January.

We recommend creating a layout to scale to determine how much space you need. Most cars or small trucks can fit in a 10x20 space with room for table and signs, but please measure your vehicle. If you need a larger space to accommodate your plans, please contact me to discuss pricing. Laura Tepe  513.703.3090.


Planning for a Vehicle

If your exhibit will include a vehicle, or you plan to drive a vehicle onto the exhibit floor to deliver equipment to your display, please make yourself familiar with the safety requirements on the last page of the visual guide. We will also need you to fill out our vehicle registration form using the link below. 


Choosing your exhibit size and listing

Please use the link below to choose your booth size. At the time you registered you were asked to provide the company name as it should appear in the student guide, a short description of your company and your logo. If you skipped any one of those steps when you registered or you would like to change what you previously provided, please provide that along with your size selection. Note: The best company descriptions are inspiring from a future employee's perspective.

Thank you for completing this material no later than January 27.