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JA Stock Market Challenge

When: April 6, 2022
Where: TBD
Time: 12:00 NOON


JA Take Stock in the Future

  • Three classroom sessions that introduce students to basic concepts about how the stock market works and the impact of current events on the stock market.
  • After the JA Stock Market Challenge event, one lesson directs students to reflect on the experience of participating in the JA Stock Market Challenge event and connect the simulations to the real world. They conclude the program by developing their own financial goals.
  • The program also includes multiple self-guided extension activities that engage students in deeper learning about the stock market and investing.

JA Stock Market Challenge - April 6, 2022

  • Students travel to the competition location where they work in teams of three or four. Students may participate in the competition from their school location.
  • Competition time is 12:00 noon
  • Each team receives $1,000,000 of play money to invest in quasi-fictitious stocks over the course of 60 trading days, competing to build the highest net worth.
  • Each trading day is only 60 seconds long.
  • This is a frenetic and fun event enjoyed by students

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