JA in a Day

JA in a Day is a Junior Achievement program that we have adapted to provide the most rewarding partnership between Permian Basin middle schools with businesses, colleges or other volunteer groups. Like all JA programs, volunteers involved in this program help to educate and inspire youth about free enterprise, business and economics.
JA in a Day is different from other JA programs only in that the JA middle school program is covered in the course of one day in the school. At the end of the school day, the students will have completed all five JA lessons and will have earned their JA certificate. The JA staff will work with the host school and the partnering group of volunteers to organize the date, arrange a school, and train the volunteers.
Pillars of Student Success Entrepreneurship:  Financial-Literacy:  Work-Readiness: 
Program Implementation Program Grade-Level
Classroom-Based Middle School
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Program Sessions