Reverse JA in a Day

The company-hosted Reverse JA in a Day program illuminates a world of career possibilities for students. Students receive the JA program on-site at a sponsor company, learning soft skills, personal branding and gaining exposure to real-world careers in the workplace. Volunteers will teach JA curriculum to the students at the sponsoring company. Students will tour the facility and learn about the different career opportunities available at the company.

Reverse JA in a Day at a Local Community College or University

House Bill 5 requires eighth-grade students to make a career endorsement to help them better plan for their high school classes and prepare for their future. JA It's My Future helps students make their endorsement by offering practical information about preparing for the working world. Students explore potential careers, discover the four factors to consider in choosing a career, and recognize basic job-hunting tools. There will be Reverse JA Days held on a local community college or university campus where middle school students in the 7th or 8th grade will participate in the JA It's My Future program. Students will tour the campus and learn about programs and courses of study available to them.

School-Based JA in a Day

"JA in a Day" is a special Junior Achievement delivery method. "JA in a Day" is different from other JA programs only in that all lessons are covered in the course of one day at the school. At the end of the school day, the students will have completed all JA lessons from one of the following JA programs: JA It's My Future for middle school or JA Personal Finance and JA Career Success for high school. 
Pillars of Student Success Entrepreneurship:  Financial-Literacy:  Work-Readiness: 
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