Feedback from Roaring Fork Valley educators:


  • "Thanks again for setting us up with amazing volunteers!  The material was so relevant to our 8th graders, and everyone had very positive feedback re the instructors and curriculum."  - Glenwood Springs Middle School teacher


  • "I appreciate my JA volunteer's willingness to work with our class.  The lessons are engaging and I believe the experience will stay with our students.  It's not easy to teach to a group of kids when teaching is not one's profession, and I appreciate her willingness to bring the community to our school." - Glenwood Springs Elementary School teacher


  • "I love that someone from the community comes in and teaches these lessons to our students.  I think it's a great experience for the kids and for the community member(s)." - Basalt Elementary School teacher


  • "I really like the content of the lessons and it's presented in such an engaging and hands-on way.  This is my first experience with JA and I'm really impressed." - Sopris Elementary School teacher


  • "In addition to being the counselor at Basalt Elementary School, I am the mom of two 3rd grade boys.  The JA volunteer was in my son's classroom yesterday and I just wanted to tell you what an amazing impact she made on him.  He came home and recited her lesson verbatim.  He was so inspired by her lesson and the personal attention she gave to him.  I really wanted to thank you for your program and personally thank the volunteer for working with my son and let her know she is making a difference." - Basalt Elementay School counselor