JA Reverse Job Shadow

JA Reverse Job Shadow
JA Reverse Job Shadow (JA RJS) provides a unique and meaningful experience for students that will help them explore future career aspirations and tie the importance of education and training with real-life experiences from a volunteer's perspective.

The Program is recommended for Middle and High School Students (Grades 6 -12) and has three components, each 45-60 minutes in length, in order to offer the most meaningful career readiness knowledge and skills including a pre-event activites, the JA Reverse Job Shadow Event and post-event classroom student activities.

Students who participate in the JA RJS experience will have a stronger conviction in what career they would like to pursue.  Students will be more knowledge about "high growth careers" in today's global economy.  Students will have a better idea of what employers are looking for in an employee.  Students will be more inspired to achieve their career choice.  Students will have a better understanding of how their education relates to future career aspirations. 

Pillars of Student Success Entrepreneurship:  Financial-Literacy:  Work-Readiness: 
Program Implementation Program Grade-Level
Classroom-Based High School
Program Concepts Program Skills
Career assessment, Career clusters, Career planning, Cover letter, Elevator pitch, High-growth jobs, Infographic profile, Interests, Job hunting, Job interview, Job outlook, Personal action plan, Personal brand, Resume, Skills, Soft skills, STEM, Technical Skills, Workplace skills Analyze and apply data, Business communication, Collaborative discussions, Creativity and innovation, Decision making, Follow written instructions, Formulate answers from personal experience, Goal-setting, Identify behaviors, Interpersonal skills, Interviewing, Oral and written communication, Organize information, Present information, Read a variety of sources for information, Research skills, Role-play, Self-assessment, Work collaboratively, Working in groups

Program Sessions

Pre-Event Activities

Students are introduced to Career Clusters and will be able to identify the roles, skills and education for specific jobs.  Activities to choose from include online Career Exploration Tools to help students understand how their skills and interests match specific career options.  Students may also conduct online career research to learn about different types of jobs, the education and skills required, average salaries earned, and growth potential of the jobs.  Students may create an infographic profile to illustrate their personal brand, experiences, skills and interests.

Reverse Job Shadow Event

Students are exposed to a variety of volunteer speakers who share their insight and experiences in their career in the classroom.  Volunteers will engage the students in an interactive presentation demonstrating the skills and/or daily job.  Students will record information about the careers presented and reflect on the information learned to develop a personal action plan to achieve their career aspirations.

Post-Event Activities

Students are led through a variety of options for career readiness discussions and activities to build their elevator pitch, resume, and/or cover letter using templates and online tools and resources.  Students may also engage in discussions and role-play to learn about appropriate and inappropriate behavior in a job interview to provide valuable information for landing a job.