Structure of Board of Trustees and Regional Councils

The Board of Trustees has the responsibility of overseeing the operation and ensuring that the staff is accomplishing the objectives of the organization. In addition to the Board of Trustees, we have three Regional Councils. Their purpose is to provide a closer contact to the communities served.

Role of Board of Trustees:

Board members are trustees who act on behalf of an organization's constituents, including service recipients, funders, members, the government, and taxpayers. The board of trustees has the principal responsibility for fulfillment of the organization's mission and the legal accountability for its operations.

This means that as a group they are in charge of:

  • Establishing a clear organizational mission.
  • Forming the strategic plan to accomplish the mission.
  • Overseeing and evaluating the plan's success.
  • Hiring a competent President and providing adequate supervision and support to that individual.
  • Ensuring financial solvency of the organization.
  • Interpreting and representing the community to the organization.
  • Instituting a fair system of policies and procedures for human resource management.

Summary of Board of Trustees


Governance Authority Yes
Level of Involvement Strategic
# of Members 15-25
# of Planned Meetings per year 4

Role of Regional Council

To provide strong operating ties to the communities served, Regional Councils have been established. The Regional Council will consist of 20 to 30 business and civic leaders from the community.  

The Regional Council will provide tactical and operational input to the organization and provide valuable contact and support from the local business community. The Regional Council does not have legal or governance responsibility. This is held by the Board of Trustees.

This means that as a group they are responsible for:

  • Providing local support for JA programs in the community.
  • Evaluating the operational plans for the communities they represent.
  • Participating in special events to help fund JA programs in their region.
  • Assisting staff in the recruitment of volunteers within region.
  • Actively participating in fund raising efforts within the community.
  • Providing input to staff about operational efforts within region.