Company Bowling Challenge

Junior Achievement's Bowl-A-Thon is one of our largest annual fundraisers.  This event relies on employees from local companies, their families and friends to form teams of
four bowlers.  Each bowling team is comprised of four bowlers and is asked to raise a minimum of $100 per bowler.


What are the Benefits to My Company?

JA's Bowlathon is a great way for your company to gather socially, while supporting our organization financially. The event is also a team building opportunity. This allows
company leaders, employees, and their families to interact in a relaxed environment.
Plus, it promotes awareness in the community that your company actively supports
the education of our future workforce.


Bowling Resource Center

      All the information needed to form your bowling team and start fundraising! 
     Click the link below to print any extra materials you need:
           JA Bowlathon 2018 Qgiv link
      Contact Kim Zech at (717)843-8028 or