Digital Resources

Though schools are closed, Junior Achievement is here to support students, parents and teachers during this period of uncertainty. Learning can continue and JA is providing access to learning experiences that students can do on their own, with a parent or other caring adult, or with teachers via a digital/virtual environment. (Click on the pictures to link to sites)


JA Digital Resources

Resources are organized by school level and can be used whether or not you've engaged in a JA program in the past. We will be continuing to add to the content in the coming days so check back often.

Junior Achievement has a number of great Digital Resources.  Below are links to some of those.



STEMBOT - JA Website-             4th to 6th Grade                                                                       Elementary 

Learn about STEM careers and practice STEM skills while solving puzzles and playing games.



JA Virtual Finance Park -                                                                               Middle Grades and High School

JA's Virtual Finance Park is an immersive simulation covering a variety of financial literacy topics: personal finance, budgeting, money management, saving, spending, and financial institutions.

Note: you will need to set up an account.   All that is required is Name, Email, and setting up a password.


JA My Way                                                                                                       Middle Grades and High School

Join JA My Way™ to get tips and tools to put your career on the express track. Take the Personality Quiz then visit My Career to find job matches. Explore buying a car and saving for college in My Money, create pro resumes at My Resume, or get tips to start a business at My Business.

Note: you will need to set up an account.   All that is required is Name, Email, and setting up a password.




JA Titan                                                                                                           Middle Grades and High School

JA Titan challenges students to apply their knowledge of business as they compete online in the highly competitive industry of the fictional Holo-Generator. Students enter decisions about price, production, marketing, capital investment, and research and development.

Note: you will need to set up an account.   All that is required is Name, Email, and setting up a password.




JA Access Your Future                                                                                                                  High School

JA Access Your Future is an app that helps teens, their parents and teachers break down the cost of achieving young people's career goals into real, easy-to-understand numbers.

In JA Access Your Future, teens can assess more than 100 careers, see what levels of education are required, then calculate the cost of education. Teens can then adjust the level of money they and their parents may contribute, combined with student loans they may need to secure. At the end of the exercise, teens are given a Return on Investment (ROI) score between 1 and 5. The score helps teens and their parents create a roadmap for success that will take them from choosing a career to calculating the cost of achieving it.




JA Assembling Your Career                                                                          Middle Grades and High School

JA Assembling Your Career helps provide middle school and high school students with practical information about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers and ways students can prepare for these careers while still in school.




JA Intro to Project Management                                                                                                    High School

Do you have a project you need to manage? Use these project management tutorials to learn the basics of managing projects.   This is a series of lessons with video that take you thru the Project Management process.