It's a Program! It's a Place! It's JA BizTown®!

JA BizTown is an 8,000 square foot mini-city housing 14 business storefronts.  Students participating in the JA BizTown program complete 16 lessons taught in the classroom.  Classroom lessons prepare students to take on the challenge of running a business and managing their personal and business finances.  Classroom preparation also encompasses career exploration, applying for a job and job interviews.

After completion of the classroom curriculum, students are fully prepared to take on the task of running
JA BizTown for the day.

A trip to JA BizTown is an exhilarating five-hour simulated workday experience for students as they immerse themselves in the role of JA BizTown citizen for the day.  As CEOs, CFOs, Ad Executives, Bank Tellers, Geologists, Graphic Designers to name just a few of the exciting job opportunities in JA BizTown, students take on the role of a business team member in addition to participating in the BizTown economy as a consumer during their lunch and shopping breaks.

What students learn as members of a business team:

  • To responsibly manage staff, financial resources, inventories and customers.
  • To work as a team.
  • To account for business expenses and still take in enough money to make a profit.
  • To balance their professional and personal responsibilities.

What students learn as consumers or customers:

  • To make wise financial decisions.
  • To write checks, manage a debit card and balance a check book.
  • To make deposits into their bank accounts.
  • To understand their relationship, as consumers, to the economy.

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To view a description and slideshow of each of the 14 businesses in JA BizTown please click the following link:    JA BizTown Shop Information 
 A Day at JA BizTown video: