JA Symposium Sponsorships

The Young Men's Futures Symposium and the Young Women's Futures Symposium are both one-day events.  The program is a workshop of mentoring, motivation, and opportunity for high school sophomores and juniors. Participants are students
nominated by their schools.

A typical Symposium includes presentations and speakers, mentoring sessions, and activities that help students gain personal and career success skills. Throughout the year, Symposiums held throughout South Central PA benefit over 1,000 students.  This program offered at no cost to attending schools.  Therefore, volunteers in Pennsylvania and financial supporters from the local community are vital.


Sponsorship Opportunities


Premiere Sponsor - $5,000 

Unique Take Home Sponsor - $2,500

Keynote Speaker - $2,500

Partnering Sponsor - $1,500

Event Sponsors - $1,000

Scholarship Sponsors - $650

Session Sponsors - $500

Mentor Sponsor - $250

Student Sponsor $110