Third Party  Funding Opportunities

Junior Achievement is always looking for funding resources to support our program efforts.   Individuals, companies, and foundations are solicited in a wide range of ways; from special events, to personal appeals, to regular funding asks.

Occasionally, someone will offer a promotion or other incentive from their business to support Junior Achievement.   We are calling these "third party donations".

A third party donation typically focuses on individuals purchasing a product or service from the company and a portion or percent of the purchase being donated to Junior Achievement.  

From Pampered Chef parties to Isaac nights, there are literally hundreds of programs in this space.   Trying to manage and promote them would easily become a distraction from our core focus.    As a result, we have developed the following policy:

When an individual or business wants to create a promotion to support Junior Achievement, we welcome that opportunity as long as the promotion is their effort.   Junior Achievement will not promote third party events through our social media or email campaigns.

At this point, we do not foresee exceptions to this policy.   However, if a company wants to make an appeal for a special promotion, it can be presented to the President of Junior Achievement for consideration.    Papa John's years ago had a national Junior Achievement program as an example.

We greatly appreciate donations that come from third party donation efforts.