Real Life 
       "a financial literacy forum"     


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Real Life financial literacy forum is a day long program held at a high school.    It consists of a series of activities all intended to help students gain an appreciation for the importance that financial decisions will play in their lives as young adults.


The program which is coordinated and run by Junior Achievement involves up to thirty business volunteers who work with the students during the day.   Each volunteer has financial skills and is able to share their background with the students as the day proceeds.

The goal of the Real Life financial literacy forum is to inspire students to appreciate the key issues surrounding personal finance and the importance of getting good advice as you make decisions.   

The day begins in the auditorium with a brief opening.   Then students go to the gym for the program.  

The day is divided into two sections.    During the first half, students will complete a budgeting simulation called Budget Builder.   Half the students will be participating in this activity.

The other half of the day consists of four thirty minute modules.   The remaining students will be divided into four groups.   These activities will include insurance, retirement and then two additional competitions.   

Once the groups have completed this rotation they will then switch and complete the other half of the day.

The day concludes back in the auditorium with a wrap up and awarding of prizes.