What grade level is the Real Life financial literacy forum designed for?

The forum could be run at any grade level.    However, we encourage schools to consider using it at the junior or senior levels.    At this age group students are more inclined to be dealing with real financial issues like owning a car, or planning for college.    We have found that the relevancy issue is much stronger because of this.    


Which students should participate in the Real Life financial literacy forum?

The forum is designed to give every student an opportunity to realize the importance that financial decisions will play in their lives as young adults.   As a result, we require that the program be provided to all students at grade level.  


What is the charge to schools for the Real Life financial literacy forum?

Junior Achievement provides this program to schools for free.   There is some work required by the school to run the event such as preparing agendas, providing teachers to supervise discipline, and having a facility team available for set up and take down.

How to get involved?

If your school has an interest in getting involved, please contact the JA office.   You can do this by phone at (717) 843-8028 or by email to Heidi Potter at

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What the school needs to provide:

In order for the day to be successful, there are a number of activities that are best performed by school staff.   We will review the list in more detail and can work around some of the issues.

1.    Creating student agendas

2.    Grouping students

3.    Staffing needs- need five teachers to assist groups

4.    Space requirements – gym and auditorium

5.    Set up -  access for JA two hours prior to school day starting.

6.    Knock Down – completed after day in 2 hours

7.    Tables and Chairs

8.    Parking for volunteers

9.    Reception room for volunteers

10.  Coffee and pastry

11.  Host lunch for volunteers

12.  Students as greeters and hosts


What JA will provide:

Junior Achievement will be responsible for organizing and hosting the event.   This will include:

1.    Providing all volunteers for event  (approximately 35)

2.    Providing all supplies and support materials

3.    Pipe and Drape for dividing gym

4.    Coordination and supervision for event

5.    Handouts for students

6.    Website follow-up materials