The following photos help illustrate the day.



  REAL LIFE is held in the gym.   Pipe & Drape is used to divide gym into five program areas.
  Insurance Jeopardy is one of four 30 minute activities.   Here students play Jeopardy with the topics focused on insurance.   This is a team based activity.
  Financial Jenga is another 30 minute activity.   Students work in teams to answer financial literacy questions based on the block they remove.   Points are scored for correct answers.   Green blocks are worth 3 points, red 2 points, and yellow 1 point.
  Price is Wrong is a team based competition where students try to match prices to items.   There are five categories of products.   Total score for the day wins a prize.
  REAL LIFE is another team competition.   It is based on the Milton Bradley board game "The Game of Life".   In this life size version students discover that real life has unplanned surprises.
  Budget Builder is a two hour fifteen minute activity focused on budgeting.   Each student is given a life scenario and works with their financial advisor volunteer in preparing a budget.
  The day ends with all students in the auditorium for the Final Exam.   Students are called to the stage and compete with summary questions from the day.   Student with the correct answer gets 30 seconds in the cash cube.   They get to keep their winnings.