The Real Life financial literacy forum has a number of fun activities built into the day.   Business volunteers will have an opportunity to work with students along the way introducing a number of financial topics in a  non-traditional way.


Financial Feud

Financial Feud is the way to bring financial literacy to a team competition.  In this activity, students will be asked a Financial Statement. The students work together with their team to guess the top answers on the board.




Insurance Jeopardy

Insurance plays a significant role in our financial planning.   From auto, to health, to life, to liability
insurance all are important.

Insurance Jeopardy is a team based competition intended to help students understand the basics of insurance concepts in a fun and engaging way.


Price is Wrong

How much do items we commonly use really cost?    This 30 minute session will focus on the importance of understanding the prices of items and how that affects your budget.   Teams will be given 5 groups of items to match prices to.   Points will be awarded for each correct answer.   Then they will be given an apparel shopping challenge.   They must select five items of apparel under $200.   The Price is Wrong is a team competition focused on valuing purchases.


The Real Life game

Many of us remember the Milton Bradley board game "The Game of Life".    In this competition, students will be playing a life size board game that takes the game in a different direction.

Life is full of surprises and most have financial consequences.    Learning to choose wisely is the key to this activity.    Teams of students will compete with each other for winning scores.   Prizes will be awarded at the end of the day.


Budget Builder

The power of Budget Builder is the discovery learning that takes places as students deal with some truly challenging life scenarios.  The simulation is intended to be an x-game focused on financial literacy.  Hard hitting, in your face, tough real financial decisions that have to be made on the fly.  

This life-like simulation immerses the student in fast paced hands-on learning where they are faced with difficult real world decisions.  In less than 2 hours, Budget Builder provides a number of reflection points.  Each of these teachable moments allows our financial volunteers to offer advice and options to students as they build their financial budget.

Unlike other financial literacy programs, Budget Builder is focused on the new realities.  It's a life changing experience that will leave participants (1) aware that the choices they make influence their lives for years to come (2) aware of the importance of savings, and (3) aware of the key core concepts involved in financial decision making.

In Budget Builder, each student is assigned their unique "life situation" which details their adult persona, including marital status, number of children (if any), education, employment and income.

The life scenario, for example, might classify a student as a single mother with two kids, junior college education, and a sales associate job receiving an income of $40,000 per year. 

Students  will then determine how much of their income is available to them each month after taxes, and they will budget their money as they complete their budget.  Students will become conscious that choices and saving for the future are key concepts for living within one's means.