Student  Information


One day does not provide all of the information that you will need as a young adult to be financially literate.  The goal of REAL Life was to give you a great glimpse of the issues and hopefully inspire you to want to learn more.    There are a number of great web based resources available to you.    We provide links to a few of our favorites here.


Better Money Habits

The Better Money Habits website is a partnership between Bank of America and the Khan Academy.  It is an excellent tool to use to start building your financial know-how on topics like credit scores, banking, planning for college and taxes.  Several videos are available to find out how your peers are navigating the world of work in their own words--from saving and budgeting to short-and long-term plans.   Click on the picture to link to the site.


JA My Way

This is a partnership between Citi Bank  and JA USA.   There is a nice blend of career and financial literacy topics.   You have to establish a user login to access the site.   Click on the picture to link to the site.