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JA BizTown® truly is a miniature city! Fourteen shops/businesses make up the community.

Shop Fronts

The Graphics Shop is a STEAM inspired shop.  Graphic Designers make signs for each business with various art supplies.  Technology is used with our camera that is directly connected to our printer.  Students can purchase photo souvenirs of their day plus other fun items.  The Graphics Shop makes signs for all the businesses. They also are a retail shop selling a number of creative graphic items and photo cards.

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Students write stories on the BizNet News blog site.  Advertising from each shop is also posted on the site.  The blog site will run live for 2 weeks after the students leave where they can post "positive" comments on the stories.  

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Each citizen deposits their personal payroll checks at the Bank visiting the Bank Tellers.  The CEO approves all business loans and all business loans are repaid by visiting the CEO with business deposits.  

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The Wellness Center consists of two STEAM jobs, a Biochemist and a Biologist.  The Wellness Center gives out personal health insurance cards to each citizen and sells health related items.

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The Mayor oversees the successful operation of BizTown.  City Hall is also responsible for managing the voting, non-profit donations, helping to solve crimes in the town and payroll tax.

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The TV Station produces a TV show that students, teachers and parents can view on our website.  STEAM is part of the TV with the Meteorologist position. Each business will have their advertisement air on the TV show.  Any citizen can be interviewed for feature stories.

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The Radio Station broadcasts music, advertising and news stories in JA BizTown. Song requests and dedications can be made by citizens, along with a chance to be a guest DJ.  A JA BizTown song will also be produced on a professional soundboard and aired that day.

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The Realty Office handles all Real Estate and Utility issues for JA BizTown® businesses. CEO's sign rental agreements, Utility agents read meters and send out utility bill's. Energy Scientists complete several renewable energy science experiments.

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Lab Works Chemists start the day out with the Elephant Toothpaste Experiment.  They then help the Manufacturing Managers manufacture slime, which they sell throughout the day. 

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The Construction Company employees complete project assignments for JA BizTown®. Projects include a park bench, measuring for doors and windows, and estimating carpet and wallpaper jobs.

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Planet Earth has two popular STEAM positions, a Geologist and an Environmental Scientist.  They have various experiments and "digs" that are part of their job descriptions.  The business sells many earth friendly items throughout the day.

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BizTee is a STEAM inspired shop manufacturing and printing screen-printed t-shirts for students to purchase.  Various designs are available.  

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The Restaurant provides beverages and snacks to citizens during their break times. The Nutrition Researcher is a STEAM position and is conducting a nutrition experiment.  This shop accepts only JA BizTown cash.

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The Distribution & Delivery Center provides all of the supplies and forms for JA BizTown businesses.  It is the only wholesale business.  Package Handlers deliver packages and mail throughout the day.

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