Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math


STEAM programs add art to STEM curriculum by drawing on design principles and encouraging creative solutions.

STEAM is designed to integrate STEM subjects into various relevant disciplines in education.  STEAM curriculum strives to teach students to think critically and utilize an engineering or technology and imaginative, design or creative approach towards real-world problems while building on students mathematics and science base.  


STEAM careers are brought to life
throughout BizTown.



Chemist in Labworks

Environmental Scientist in Planet Earth

Agricultural Manager in the Restaurant

Meteorologist in TV

Biologist in Wellness

Manufacturing Manager in Labworks

Geologist in Planet Earth

Biochemist in Wellness


Automation Engineer in BizBotics

Music Producer in Radio

DJ in Radio

Camera Operator in TV



Screen Printing Engineer in BizTee

Architect in Construction

Construction Manager in Construction


Editor in BizNet News

Photographer in BizNet News

Reporter in BizNet News

Graphics Designer in Graphics

TV Reporter in TV


All CFOs

Non-Profit Director in City Hall

Town Treasurer in City Hall

Stock Manager in Distribution

Teller in Bank

Customer Service Manager in Bank

CEO in Bank

Project Designer in Construction


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