The following photo's help illustrate the typical STEM Summit day.



Mechanical Engineering
80/20 is a mechanical engineering challenge.






Chemistry Experiment
The students will perform hands-on science experiments.  They will mix two liquids in a plastic cup, pour into a vinyl glove and watch the substance grow and harden into a hand.  They will also work with polymer worms and will observe
an elephant toothpaste chemical reaction.






Biology Experiment
The students will work together to diagnose a patient's illness through urinalysis (simulated) and a hydration test.  They will test the urine for pH, glucose and protein. They also will simulate the spread
of disease through an epidemiology experiment. 






Robotics Competition
The students divide into four teams and compete on two playing fields in a Vex Robotics activity and operate the robots in a game based engineering challenge.

















Career Panel
Career panelist get eight minutes
to share their story.  Fast paced, engaging, and the secret weapon....props.














Physics Experiment
The students learn about physics through a series of fun experiments which include a "screaming balloon", using a windbag to learn the Bernoulli's Principle, and learning about toroidal vortex by using a large air canon to send smoke rings across the room, knocking cups off each other's head.




Math Competition
The students cycle through five math challenges comprised of fun math and geometry problems, games and puzzles.







Relay Competition
The students will compete against each other in a series of fun events in a relay style format. 







Computer Science
The students will be introduced to computer science programming concepts through the use of the Scratch language, developed by MIT.  They will learn to program a simple computer game. 



The finale brings all the students together for a final wrap up of the day, awarding of prizes, and a little fun with liquid nitrogen.