STEM Summit

Students entering the 21st century workplace will face an occupational world unrecognizable to their parents.     Many of the jobs they will pursue didn't exist ten years ago.  


The majority of high paying jobs will be in STEM related career fields.   Some will require advanced degrees, but many will just require advanced training.    

One thing they all require though is a commitment to being the best at what you do.   That is why it is critical for students to discover a career that gets them excited; one where they discover their passion.   


This STEM Summit is intended to help students do that; to realize that careers can be cool…..and really a blast!

The STEM Summit is a day-long program held at a high school.  It consists of nine thirty-minute sessions.  There are three sets of experiments, three sets of competitions, and a career panel presentation.  The fast pace and constant motion help create an atmosphere of excitement and energy.

The program which is coordinated and run by Junior Achievement involves up to thirty business volunteers who work with the students during the day.   Each volunteer has a specific STEM career and is able to share their background with the students as the day proceeds.

The goal of the STEM Summit is to inspire students to pursue an academic STEM focus in the remainder of their high school courses to help prepare them for STEM careers in the future.    After the completion of the Summit, Guidance Counselors have a foundation to work with students on appropriate school course work.