STEM Summit Volunteer

Overview of STEM Summit:

The STEM Summit is a day-long program held at local high schools across South Central PA that focuses
on helping student explore STEM careers.  It consists of nine thirty-minute sessions to include science experiments; science, engineering, and math related competitions; and a career panel presentation. The fast pace and constant motion create an atmosphere of excitement and energy.

The STEM Summit is designed for students at the freshman or sophomore levels.  At this age group, they still have an opportunity to adjust class schedules for advanced courses in their junior and senior years. 
We do require that all students at grade level participate.

Junior Achievement provides the program to schools for FREE.  As a business based non-profit, we rely on financial support from the business community to help cover the costs of the program and/or mentor a group of students for the day. 

What is the Role of the volunteer?

The STEM Summit utilizes about 35 volunteer mentors per day.  Typically the day begins at 8:00 am with volunteer training.  The volunteer then works with students during the entire school day.  Light breakfast and lunch is provide by the school.  The day ends around 2:00 pm.  

You will receive information via email about the specific times, parking, and your assiged role.    We do provide training the morning of the event, but also have some overviews that you may review prior to the day.   The following links are for the various modules:

Biology Volunteer Information

lectrical Competition / Trades 

Relay Volunteer Guidelines

Chemistry Volunteer Information 

Civil Engineering Competition (Marshmallow Challenge)

Computer Science / Coding

Math Competition Leader Directions

Metal Working Volunteer Information

Robotics Volunteer Information 

Flex Volunteers