Student Evidence - CEW

To help ensure that all students are on track for meaningful postsecondary engagement and success, the Pennsylvania Department of Education has included a measure of students' career exploration, preparation, and readiness as part of Pennsylvania's state and federal accountability system through the Future Ready PA Index and under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).                

Every student is required to provide examples of engagement at 5th,8th, and 11th grade.   The student evidence (artifacts)  are to be prepared between 3rd and 11th grade.   

Some of the information on this site comes from the Department of Education  )

Junior Achievement, in working with local school districts, has developed a series of templates for student evidence (artifact)  from Kindergarten thru 11th grade tied to students participating in JA programs.  

The following Documents are available for specific JA Activities.    The State Standard numbers are associated.


Kindergarten -  JA Ourselves 

Kindergarten CEW Overview

1st Grade -  JA Our Families

1st Grade CEW Overview

2nd Grade -  JA Our Community

2nd Grade CEW Overview

3rd Grade -  JA Our City

3rd Grade CEW Overview

4th Grade - JA  Our Region

4th Grade CEW Overview

5th Grade -  JA Our Nation

 5th Grade CEW Overview

JA BizTown

YES! - 6th Grade

YES! - 7th Grade 

STEM Summit - 9th or 10th Grade

REAL Life - 11th Grade