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Almost eight thousand 5th and 6th grade South Central Pennsylvania students come to JA BizTown each year.  Students learn, first-hand, how our economy works as they experience a day at JA BizTown.  Each student will have a job, get paid twice, manage their own checkbook and debit card, make their own purchases to take home, attend business and town meetings, be part of a business team, vote, pay taxes and so much more!

To explore information about the many jobs in JA BizTown or watch a short overview video of JA BizTown, please click the links below:

                                                Watch JA BizTown Video 

View Student Job Manuals and
Business Introductory Videos  



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You can order a t-shirt just by clicking on the link below, filling in your name, name of your school, visit date, and the shirt size you would like.  The t-shirt will be ready for you on the day of your visit to JA BizTown.  

Remember to bring your $5.00 to cover the cost of the t-shirt.


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