Each of us can make a difference.  And as an individual, sometimes the impact may seem small.  But truthfully, it's the small things that help change their world!

Support4JA is the gateway to individual contributions.  And there are a number of ways that you can do that.  You can make a financial contribution today through our text to give program Give2JA.  You can give with a credit card through QGive.  But you can also offer connections to businesses, or create your own fund raising effort to suppor Junior Achievement.

The point is that supporting Junior Achievement can come in many different ways.  Here are ways to help:

Give2JA      ( text to give opportunity)

Donate Now     ( credit card donation opportunity)

Share a connection ( share a business connection)

Share an idea  ( share a fund raising idea )


Share an Idea

One way to help is to create an idea to help support Junior Achievement.  You can share your idea by clicking on the Share an Idea link.    

Some ideas can literally be done on your own.  Others require help from others.  We welcome all ideas.  Obviously not all can be implemented today, but we value the effort and want to say thanks for sharing.

Here are a couple of ideas that came from volunteers that we want to showcase.


STEM Corporate Challenge


Nickole Nafziger 

 3rd degree connection


Agape Care Inc.


Nickole Nafziger was a volunteer at the STEM Summit at Penn Manor High School.   During our Did You Know/ Donate2JA pitch during lunch she shared an idea with Heidi Potter.

The idea was "have you all ever thought about using the STEM Summit as a team building opportunity for companies?"

That was the inspiration behind a new special event that Junior Achievement is launching this spring.

The STEM Corporate Challenge will allow companies to bring teams of associates to compete against other companies in fun and engaging STEM activites.  More importantly it will be a fund raising opportunity for Junior Achievement.   

Thank you Nickole for a great idea!