JA BizTown Volunteer Training

Most importantly... Thank You! Your support is invaluable. JA BizTown® could not operate without you!

Secondly... we hope that you have fun and want to come back.

This is a brief overview of your role and the tasks you will be asked to help with. Included are the shop directions, job descriptions, and specific information about your shop assignment.


On-line JA BizTown Volunteer Training

We encourage you to attend the scheduled on-site volunteer training for your school. This is a two-hour group session where you will have an opportunity to better understand your role and get a chance to experience some of the activities that will be taking place during the simulation. Please click on the link below to view the the JA BizTown on-site volunteer training date schedule:

Fall 2108 On-Site JA BizTown Volunteer Training Date Schedule


The Junior Achievement BizTown facility is located at 610 South George Street, York, PA.  Our main entrance is located on West Boundary Avenue--green awning over the door.  

Where should I park for the EVENING on-site training? Parking is available on North George street (no meters), in our front parking lot by the garage doors, and on Boundary Avenue in the angled spaces directly across from our side door (no large vehicles in these spaces).

For DAYTIME Parking while visiiting JA BizTown, you may park on North George Street (no meters), on Boundary Avenue in the angled spaces directly across from our side door (only small vehicles) and in the
lot located at the corner of East Boundary Avenue and S. Court Avenue.

IN THE CHURCH LOT on Cleveland Avenue.

                            Click to view JA parking map

JA BizTown Volunteer Training Material

The following link provides some general information for volunteers. This information applies to all shops. Click on the link below to view the Volunteer Training Packet file:

                       Volunteer Training Packet

The following links give volunteers specific shop directions and checklists for each business. Once you've been assigned to a business, you can review the information for your shop. Clink on the link below to view the Volunteer Manual for that business.

Online Videos: 

We also provide some on-line videos that will help give you an overview of the activities of the day. There are 8 short video modules that will take you through the day. Click on each of the links below to watch a short segment.