Why should you get involved?

Wow... that really is the question.   Why take time away from work or family to be a JA volunteer?   What's in it for you?

We could spell it out with mission... with objectives  ... and yes probably even with a list of benefits.   But I think it's better to let you hear from some JA volunteers.









While we are at it... how about from a couple of educators too!   Hopefully this will do the trick.  :)   







So... if you made it this far....   

How do you get involved?

Great question.   So it's really simple.   You can learn more about the volunteer experience at our website.   Or if you are ready to sign up you can click on the links below.    

Visit the website at www.jascpa.org.

For one day volunteer opportunities click on this link.

For in-class volunteer opportunities click on this link.