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The impacts of globalization are playing an increasing role in the lives of young adults. In coming years,
they will face financial challenges unrecognizable to their parents.    

Helping students begin to think about their future is a critical step in preparing them to succeed.


The YES! program provides an opportunity for students to begin discovering the choices that lie ahead. By combining career exploration and financial responsibility, Junior Achievement connects the importance of education to students' future economic success.


What grade level is the YES!  program designed for?

This program is intended to include all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in a building.  The synergy of making the program where every student participates creates a level of energy in the building that adds to the overall impact.  The program is not available for a single grade. 

Which students should participate in the Yes! program?

YES! is designed to give every student an opportunity to realize the importance that career and financial decisions will play in their lives as young adults.   As a result, we require that the program be provided to all students at grade level.


What is the charge to schools for the Yes! program?

Junior Achievement provides this program to schools for free. There is some work required by the school to run the event such as preparing student schedules, providing breakfast for volunteers, and planning for the utilization of the auditorium for the opening..   


What does the Yes! program look like?

All of the 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade programs consist of four activities. Each activity is designed to
be approximately 30 minutes.  

The students will rotate through the four activities during the day.

The volunteer will remain in the classroom and teach the same activity four times. We recommend that teachers rotate with their students through all four activities.


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